Purpose driven businesses are those that exist for something greater than just a financial return. From well-established global companies like Patagonia to entrepreneurial Kiwi start-ups like Eat My Lunch, being purpose-driven can deliver competitive advantage.  Of course having a quality product / service is paramount, but beyond just the “what” you sell, you need a compelling “why” embedded into the DNA of your organisation – brand, strategy, leadership and culture. So how might your business thrive in the new economy?

One thing is certain – getting the right talent to drive your business forward is critical. Millennials are increasingly choosing purpose over paycheque, and in a world of abundance in opportunity, why would talent want to work for your business?

We can be a powerful vehicle for your businesses to become more purpose-driven, and help you attract New Zealand’s top talent.

the millennial mindset


Employees who align with purpose perform better. This mindset is not exclusive to the millennial generation, nor is it a blanket mindset, but rather, has come to the forefront of business strategy because of the rise of millennials in the workforce – the biggest workforce in history.

Their unique experience is changing the way they seek for jobs, forcing companies to re-evaluate their hiring processes.


“The millennial mindset is not exclusive to this generation, it is simply a mindset that has been brought to the forefront with this generation.”